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Welcome to NeTal Engineering 

NeTal Engineering was founded in 2015 by a team of tradesmen and women. The principal vision at formation was to create a direct relationship  between clients and people who do the work on the ground in order to groom life-long, satisfactory relationships between the two.

At NeTal Engineering we believe in meeting the clients' needs to perfection by using innovative engineering ideas and solutions with proven track record and expertise. Our trades people are qualified, experienced and trained in customers services etiquette.

Key Services Offered :

  • Electrical Engineering Services with a diverse portfolio on domestic house wiring and extensive focus on industrial systems and Water Treatment Plants

  • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning System Services including cold-rooms and motor vehicle air-conditioning 

  • Energy Efficiency Projects with a focus on Solar System Design and Installations

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Energy Efficiency

Conduct energy audits in order to present Business case for clients. Design and installation of Solar PV Systems.

Motors &VSDs
New installations, routine maintenance packages, troubleshooting and repairs for industrial applications and Water Treatment Plants. Motor overhauls up to 480KW. VSD installations for all applications including testing and commissioning.
Air Conditioning

New installations, routine maintenance service packages and repairs including gas filling for air-conditioners in housing and industrial applications. Offers available for duct systems.

New installations, maintenance and repairs for single and three phase machinery, industrial welding equipment, guillotines etc
Coldrooms & Fridges
New installations, routine maintenance servie plans and repairs for Cold-rooms and Refrigerators in both industrial and domestic applications .
House & Panel Wiring
House wiring for newly built and existing houses including generator installations. Panel wiring for industrial applications.

Our Core Services


Installations, maintenance and repairs

House and Panel Wiring

House Wiring, CoCs, Panel wiring

Cold-rooms and Fridges

Installations, maintenance and repairs.


Installations and repairs of Industrial & Restaurant equipment

Motors & VSDs

Installations, preventative maintenance, motor overhaul

Power & Energy

Energy baselines and Business Plans, Solar Designs and Installations

Question & Answer
How to request a quote?

Thank you for asking. You can request a quote using any of the contact information found on this site.

Whatsapp: 07840260745


Tel: +27817471263

Please include as much information as possible, e.g Address, Details of the services required.

Are your services certified?
NeTal Engineering uses the qualified people for each specific task or service rendered. In situations were a Certificate of Compliance is required after installations such as in house wiring, this shall be provided at an extra cost as indicated in the invoice
Which areas do you cover
We are currently operational in Gauteng Province, however for certain projects we  travel to where our services are required.

Latest News about our Industry

Ways to Save Electricity

1) If you are going to buy new appliances this year, choose eco-friendly ones. They tend to be more expensive, but they will save you money in the long run. Look out for the guarantees though, to make sure the appliances will survive long enough to get your money's worth.

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LED Bulbs

If you haven't changed to LED lighting.Do! They are the most efficient, they last 2 to5 times more than your average light while using 5% of the electricity. Pictured is a 5Watts bulb, most people use 14Watts Energy savers, some use 100Watts Incandescents but the lighting output for all is the same. Its time to go green and save yourself some money.

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Solar Panels do not work on sun-heat but rather sun-light. While it may seem contradictory to many, heat negatively affects the working of your panel, in fact on your panel is a unit of measurement written Pmax which is a measure of power lost for every degree rise in temperature above 25degrees.

How to reduce the effects of temperature.
Install panels a few inches above the
roof to
allow convective air flow to cool the
panels down.
Ensure that panels are constructed
light-colored materials, to reduce
heat absorption.
Move components like inverters and
into the shaded area behind the array.

Do not follow where the sun heats the most. For this reason solar panels work best in winter.

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Solar PV

Southern Africa is blessed with prolonged periods of sunshine. Electricity from supply authorities has recently become a bit too pricey and unreliable which makes Solar PV  a more sensible option. The advancement in soar technology has also helped in that  Solar Systems has become less expensive as compared to a decade or so ago. Now is the time to go Solar.

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